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FTB is a peer-driven platform changing the way students get what they need.


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    The FTB app, our flagship product, is a platform for students to find, share and purchase the things they need to succeed. We deliver 200,000+ items annually: textbooks, pizzas, t-shirts, study help and internships.


    The FTB marketplace connects bulk buyers and sellers for faster, more profitable inventory liquidity. Generate bulk POs or source single ISBNs among 30+ approved vendors.

    Our 4-month post-grad residency in Birmingham, AL equips the next generation of students with the skills they need to find and thrive in their career. This is a hands-on, intentional (intensive) program for our best reps and students.

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    FTB Delivers is our last-mile platform to deliver physical products to students. Our rep teams execute same-day delivery of items purchased through the FTB app with a recipients feed, mappable locations, and delivery confirmation.


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    Our team travels to campuses throughout the year to spread our brand to new students. See what we're up to and follow along.

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    We have teams of reps, drivers and influencers working to grow FTB on these campuses.
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